Twitter User Threatened To Rape Juliet Ibrahim.

Some people hide behind the veil of social media to engage in all forms of recklessness and it’s getting scarier by the day. Such is the case of this dude who goes by the handle @richier71342242  on Twitter.

The guy said plainly that although rape is a criminal offence, he won’t hesitate to rape the Ghanaian actress when he lays his hands on her. Juliet did not take the threat lightly at all as she called for support from other users to retweet the information so the faceless guy gets arrested.

She twitted this:

This twitter user has just threatened to rape me according to his tweet on my twitter handle today! Pls retweet until the law takes its course against such rapists in society! He must be arrested! @GhPoliceService @richier71342242 that’s his image thanks

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