‘Ghanaian Bloggers Are Dumb’- Yvonne Nelson

Popular Ghanaian actress and producer, Yvonne Nelson has reinforced the frosty relationship she has developed with the Ghanaian media by describing GH bloggers as dumb people who only twist her words for their own diabolical agenda.

We think her rant is on the back of the recent comment she made to the effect that her men who run away from their partners after childbirth should not be considered as part of Father’s Day celebration. According to Yvonne Nelson, Father’s Day celebration is specifically for responsible men who look after their kids.

Several online portals in the country interpreted it as a shade to her baby daddy, Jamie Roberts who is rumoured to have severed his relationship with the A-list actress. However, Yvonne is not enthused bloggers took her words from that distorted angle and has come in strongly to take her pound of flesh too.

Yvonne Nelson wrote; 

Dumb bloggers twist stories and forget I actually put it out for Everyone to see, lol you got it from my twitter, report it as you see it. It’s not two. Its English! Come in read it!

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